The whole line consists of feeder unit, printer unit, slotter unit, dwell transfer unit and die-cutter unit. The configuration is able to be arranged upon customer’s demand to achieve highly-intelligent automatic production. 

● Printing speed 100m/min, maximum printing width 1600mm.

● No contact with the printed corrugated board surface during printing to ensure its strong structure and avoid print missing problem.

● Dimatix SG1024 industrial printheads with good reliability. 4 gray scales and 400dpi physical resolution.

● Flexible color bars configuration, e.g. 8 bars 4 colors (2 bars for 1 color), 8 bars 8 colors (1 bar for 1 color), and is able to be extended to 10, 12 and 14 bars upon demand. 

● Digital inkjet printing technology breaks the old fashioned plate-making limits. Flexible orders and highly-customized designs are allowed. Orders of big and small volumes can be produced at the same time to improve productivity.

● Water-based ink applies and jets on demand with little ink loss.

● Waste ink recycling system to meet environmental requirement. 

● Easy to achieve changeable barcode and QR code printing by software. 

● Only two workers required to maintain full-speed, highly efficient and stable production. 

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